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The Prince of Mirrors

My latest book, written under the pen name Alan Robert Clark, is The Prince of Mirrors; was published in hardback on June 7th, 2018 by Fairlight Books, an exciting new independent publisher of literary fiction. This is a historical novel about Prince Eddy, Duke of Clarence, and his friendship with his Cambridge tutor. It is the powerful tale of two young men with expectations; one predicted to succeed, the other to fail. Set in the late Victorian era, The Prince of Mirrors blends historical fact with plausible fiction to create a moving portrait of a fascinating ‘king who never was’, the great-uncle of Queen Elizabeth II.

Available now from bookshops and via Amazon. Paperback edition to be published in June 2019.

Praise for The Prince Of Mirrors

‘Compelling and convincing, elegant and assured, The Prince of Mirrors is that rarest and most elusive of things: a joy to read.’
Neil McKenna, author of ‘Fanny & Stella’
‘A gilded cast of characters parades through this sumptuous tale. A clever mixture of history, psychology and sex.’
Alistair Stewart OBE, ITN anchor
‘Touching and compelling - a beautifully written re-imagining of the story of Prince Eddy, perhaps Britain’s most mysterious and intriguing ‘lost’ king.’
Gyles Brandreth, author and TV personality
‘In sculpted, luscious prose, Clark tenderly imagines the secret longing of a fated prince and the man who ruled his heart.’
Uli Lenart, Attitude magazine
‘A magical portrait of The Queen's great-uncle’
Hello magazine
‘A wonderful, warm tribute to Prince Eddy’
BBC Radio London
‘A stunning gem of a book’ ‘Heartbreakingly tragic and beautifully written’ ‘A massive achievement in historical fiction’ ‘Enthralling, haunting and superbly written. ’
Some online reviews
Mary of Teck

My next novel is Valhalla, about the fascinating early life of the girl who became Queen Mary, wife of King George V and grandmother to our present monarch. To be published in late 2019.

Rorys Boys

My previous novel, the dark comedy Rory's Boys was published to five-star reviews in the press, on BBC radio and online.

Praise for Rory's Boys
‘One of the funniest novels of 2011. A classic.’
New York Journal Of Books
‘Very very good. Alan Clark writes with intelligence, warmth, bravery and wit.’
Sue Townsend
‘A metrosexual Great Expectations. Funny, touching and as readable as anything you’ll find this year.’
John Sessions
‘Smart, poignant and sharper than a scalpel.’
Ivan Massow
‘Funny, touching, tender, true...wonderfully rich and wry.’
Gyles Brandreth
‘Enormous charm, warmth and a great deal of humour without losing sight of the underlying issues which are genuinely serious and important.’
Sara Maitland