Tel: +44 (0) 7960 829949

As already described on the dedicated Ghostwriter page of this website, I'm happy to work either towards the goal of conventional publication (where the publisher carries most of the costs) or for private circulation only (where the subject of the book does so).

My fees are always negotiable, flexible and adaptable to each different project. However, with conventional publication, I normally require an initial payment to prepare the book submission to the publisher(s). On acceptance by a publisher, the remainder of my fee would normally be paid out of the publisher's advance. In the case of private publication, my fees are largely based on the likely length of the book. So it's perfectly possible to tailor the project to fit your budget and payment can be made in stages as the work progresses.

The simple goal is to produce an expertly-written, engaging book that will give enjoyment to its readers and immense satisfaction to you, the author. It will be the adventure of a lifetime and I can make it happen for you.

I believe that any copywriter worthy of the name should be able to turn their hand to writing effectively about anything. Any type or product or service. Any type of medium.

I don't believe that tight budgets or tough times need to cramp creativity. That's why I'm happy to take on any project, however large or small. Some of my best ideas were destined for envelopes, cardboard boxes and even beer-mats.

Whether you need just a few concepts, a website, a twenty page brochure, a corporate video script or a stonking great ad campaign, talk to me. Based in central London, my fees are competitive and flexible; I can work on a daily rate or on a project basis.

So if you're looking for an award-winning professional to produce ideas that are both creative and get results, take a look at my portfolio then get in touch. I'd enjoy writing for you.

I approach any job with enthusiasm and professionalism, whether it’s small or large, a mainstream consumer subject or something more specialised.

I absorb a brief quickly and produce the required material fast.

I can write to any length and in any style; formal, colloquial or humorous.

As you’ll see from my portfolio, I’m particularly experienced in writing about famous names and remarkable places, but my professional knowledge of many different markets gives me a head start on a huge variety of subject matter.